Who Is This Guy?

James Ford was born in Soc Trang, Vietnam in 1972.  He was raised in Bethlehem PA and had to constantly hear how great neighboring burg Allentown was because Billy Joel wrote a song about it.  You people don’t even have steel mills.

Jim’s family moved to Florida when he was fifteen because his father retired, and by law, you have to move to Florida and impede traffic.  Jim loves movies and asking him which is his favorite is like asking Lindsey Lohan what’s her favorite alley to vomit in.  He used a fake ID to get a job at a movie theatre when he was fifteen because it was the only way he could figure out how to get into Rated R movies.  It is the only job he’s ever been fired from.  He doesn’t like to talk about that.

He has one brother (Bobby), one nephew (Alex), a fiesty sister-in-law (Danielle) and a wise-cracking Vietnamese mother (Mom)… hilarity ensues.  He is very happily married to the lovely Natalee who spends her days as a mild-mannered attorney and her nights fighting crime.  He’s allergic to dogs and cats which is why he stopped eating them.

He’s written seven screenplays (the last being Mortal Saints in 2008 with Tony Lipari), wrote “What Are You Lookin’ At?” a movies-for-beginners column for a local revival theatre, hosted a very short-lived movie podcast and likes Xbox games where he gets to be the Tom Clancy version of himself.  The best movie he’s ever seen is Citizen Kane (1942) (it’s a cliche because it’s true) but his favorite movie is probably Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981).  The movie that made him want to be a writer was ET The Extra-Terrestrial (1982) because it was the first time he realized he was being manipulated by a movie.  He was ten.  His favorite song is Carly Simon’s “Nobody Does It Better” from The Spy Who Loved Me and he’ll tell you the best hip hop song ever made is LL Cool J’s “Goin’ Back To Cali” and he’d probably be wrong.  He doesn’t know what movie he’s seen the most but stopped counting after he’d seen Superman:The Movie (1978) twenty-seven times when he was eight.

This blog was originally titles Beware Of The Blog!, a reference to the theme song from the 1958 Steve McQueen movie, The Blob.  To my knowledge, the only horror film to have a calypso theme song (hopefully).  In December 2009 he changed the title to the current That’s What Jim Said.

Artist Rendition

Artist Rendition