mental health days

Due to unforseen personal events, I am putting this blog on hiatus. 

I can tell you my time had become limited and although I tried to keep up with my weekly schedule (something I have always been proud of), I tend to write much more content than most blogs and much more frequently.  This stuff doesn’t just come to me… okay, it does, but it still takes effort and nobody is paying me for it and I got a mortgage to pay.

That being said, I can tell you the personal events, though inconvenient and a pain in my ass, are not catastrophic.  Nobody is ill.  Natalee and I are together and fine.  Hopefully this blog will be back soon and I’ll have my way with you as I have every Friday for the past few years.  Until then, there is a little area on the right (“Tell me when this thing updates”) where you can type your email and as soon as there is an update you’ll get it in an email.

Like Netflix with smartassery instead of Harrison Ford reminding you how boring he’s become.

My apologies, Judy.


2 thoughts on “mental health days

  1. No need to apologize. I am a BIG fan of the mental health day and often take mental health mornings, even though going in to work in the afternoon makes the mental health morning pointless. I’M just sorry that you have responsibilities, but I will wait for you Jim. As God is my witness, I will wait…

  2. Well we’ll sure miss you and your child abuse and your turducken.

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