The Marrying Kind…

So it all went down according to plan… or as close as any wedding will ever get.  You know what they say about what God thinks about your plans.  What didn’t go right got right real fast because of the insanely methodical skills of wedding coordinator czar Danielle Ford and her crack team of Kendra Marolf, Jessica May, Sean Urban and Alex Ford.

A special thanks to our photographer extraordinare Mike Sargent (, the musical stylings or DJ Stephen “Euro” Wexler, an electric peformance Deatra Gilmore and the always never-to-underestimated Stephanie Seguin who got to throw the switch that starts the rest of our lives.

And we can’t say enough about the hotel liason Mike (and I apologize for not knowing his last name), his excellently professional staff and Jeanne Durand who managed to give Natalie everything she wanted (and a few things she didn’t know she wanted), which according to her friends and family, is a feat previously accomplishable only by me.  Jeanne, you are in a very small club.   I am sure there are several other people I am forgetting or not even aware of their participation but know it’s appreciated.

We apologize we couldn’t spend more time with each and every one of you.  From the bottom of our hearts we wished we could have had all our friends there but  we were blessed with more friends than space.  These things happen.

Something we did instead of putting disposable cameras on the tables in an era of the digital camera and cell phones, was open a Flickr account, gave all our guests access and asked them to upload their own photos from the evening.  The hotel, the ceremony, the cocktail reception, the reception, the nightcaps, the after-party Natalie and I were unable to attend because we were “busy” and whatever else you did this weekend.

So if you want to see what you may have missed, here is the link:

Images are being uploaded by dozens of different people so I apologize for they not being in order.  Keep checking back because pics will keep getting posted so you may want to bookmark that link (CTRL + D).  If you are uploaded images, Put your name in the description or tag so we know where they came from.  In the upper right there is a slideshow feature so just sit back and enjoy the show.

As for us, we leave at noon for our Caribbean cruise and I’ll be drinking margaritas by the sea, mamasita. See you in a week.


One thought on “The Marrying Kind…

  1. jim,
    we all had a fabulous time. you and natalie look so happy and we wish nothing but the best for you.
    have fun!

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