The Power Of The Andrew Sister

I have a crush on Julie Andrews.  I have since I was about ten.  The older I got I realized she’s a horrible babysitter.  You give her specific instructions and she ignores them and you come home to find your children in trees, wearing your good curtains while there are Nazis marching about.  Nazis, I say.  The lesser scenario has your children fraternizing with chimney sweeps, penguins and floating about the ceiling.

And did I mention in this scenario she’s a witch?

Amazing what music and editing does to a film.

I have a hard time explaining the power movies have on me.  Like anything you love, there is no amount of explaining that is going to make me understand why someone like Elvis more than The Beatles.  Either you get it or you don’t.  That being said, I saw this and let’s just say it fills me up and takes me back to an earlier place where people dancing in the streets might actually happen because I saw it in Fame when I was eight.

I always laugh a little at people who tout how great America is knowing 80% of the population has never left the country.  I joke maybe in Morocco they give out college educations and cheesecake… you wouldn’t know.  I like to think in Belgium this happens every rush hour.


One thought on “The Power Of The Andrew Sister

  1. I definitely needed that today-

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