Democratic For The People

I despise the Electoral College.  I have since third grade when it was explained to me and I literally told Mrs DiPesto, “You mean the entire country could vote the same way and those five hundred and thirty eight, actually two hundred and seventy, people could vote the other way and their guy would be President?”  She said, “Yes” and I started questioning government immediately afterward.

Then I wondered this morning why we even bother with the Election process.  Really you’re campaigning for the votes of five hundred and thirty eight people.  I say we all vote in the primaries to get our candidates.  Then take the Electors and bring them to Congress and have both candidates make their arguments, have some debates, some town hall meetings, some press questionings, parade out some references and most importantly, have a panel of experts who have already analyzed their proposals tell you which ones are most feasible and what the projected results would be.

At the end of this two week process, the Electors vote and somebody is President.

Save us the trouble of living in the shadow of a 2000 Flori-duh clusterfuck.  Let’s not waste half a billion dollars on stupid ads that make people scared, hateful and divisive.  Stop bombarding me with the absolute worse elements of American politics that fuel themselves off fear, ignorance, greed, intolerance, xenophobia and outright lies.  There are people reporting phone calls telling them if you have outstanding parking tickets or late child support payments you’ll be arrested if you try to vote.  Or Republicans vote on Tuesday and Democrats vote on Wednesday.  When I was making my calls for early voting there was a sign that said if someone tells you they were sent an absentee ballot and already mailed it let them know they don’t mail absentee ballots and the one they mailed in probably went to a different city and their vote wouldn’t be counted.

Really?  How do these people sleep at night?  I picture people that gloat over beating their children at Candyland.

If someone is deciding for me, then don’t tease me by making me think I am part of the process.  Don’t infuriate me when masses make one choice and some small group overthrows that decision.  Stop cutting into my new fall lineup and my episode of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.  Stop making my Venezuelan friend Yuri freaked out by old white ladies in doctor’s offices telling him they really liked being able to early vote except there are too many blacks voting.  Stop telling Charles Barkley race isn’t a factor when John McCain has to defend a fellow Senator isn’t a “Closet Muslim” (which, for those of you not keeping score, is the new nigger).  To me, either Charles Barkley doesn’t understand racism or those three guys have never been black.  You do the math.  Stop making people afraid of black people telling them they’re going to riot in Detroit and Philadelphia if Obama doesn’t win.  Black people riot for a reason.  Rodney King, Martin Luther King, Watts.  White people riot because your team won a World Series which is a license for drunks to set a city on fire.

The only reason that would even possibly happen is if Obama won the popular vote and lost the, wait for it… Electoral College.  And when was the last time that happened? *


* If you actually cared… 1876, 1888 and 2000.


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