All The News That’s Fixed To Print

I have spent more time on news websites the past four weeks than I have in the past year. I have published two or three blogs that are observations about politics because my opinions are my own and like religion and child rearing, nobody wants to hear your opinion. There are another nine that will probably never see the light of day because like how all good therapy should work, once it’s out of my system, I am back about my business.

This I had to show to someone.

Tony Lipari IMed me this morning and asked, “Did Obama change his tax plan?”

ME: Not that I am aware of. I doubt it.

TONY: My cousin just told me he changed it from $200 thousand to $100 thousand.

ME: That’s insane. Where did he hear that?

TONY: In a McCain speech.

ME: Okay. His tax plan is a proposal. They both are. It would be insane to change it to that number four days before an election when you don’t even know it’s going to pass.

TONY: That’s what I said.

ME: Hold on. Let me check.

I go to

ME: Okay. has ten headlines. Seven of them are criticizing Obama. None of them mention a tax plan change. If anybody would jump on that story, they would have it.

TONY: Okay.

After lunch I have to check and see what I missed and on FoxNews I find this:

How Low Can ‘Middle’ Go?

So I click and read the article that essentially says Gov Bill Richardson (D-NM) quoted the Obama tax plan in a radio interview and said $120k. Last week Joe Biden quoted it as $150k. By the time it got to Tony’s cousin, it was $100k. It’ll be $75k by the end of Saturday. By Tuesday there will be an email Obama wants your first born son.

Okay, Biden gets no pass because he’s a member of the Obama camp but also has a reputation for saying goofy things. I am just going to write them both off as flubs. The same as I did during the debate when Sarah Palin referred to Biden as “Joe O’Biden.” I don’t think she meant to refer to him as if he were some kind of Irish-Indonesian from Scranton. Word flub. I once answered a telephone at work, “Thank you for calling God.” There is a lot that could be read into it and you’d be wasting your time.

Richardson, on the other hand, shares a political party. He’s not a spokesman. He’s just a dude in an interview.

Okay, here is the part of the article that kills me. The third paragraph is this line:

Click here to listen to Richardson talk about Obama’s tax plan.

If you click the link it send you to a YouTube twelve second clip with no video (well it is radio) and text stating “Bill Richardson: $120,000 And Under Now Get A Tax Cut.”

YouTube? Really? I guess they couldn’t find a source on Wikipedia that was thorough enough for them. Who the fuck cites YouTube as source?

Thank you, Squirrel On Waterskiis. I am Peter Pan Guy, goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow.

I do it all the time but I’m a smartass with an internet connection. I’m not a news organization and I sure as hell don’t have the words “Fair & Balanced” on this site. They couldn’t call the radio station and have someone email them a clip and post on their own site with a picture of Richardson? Better yet, call Richardson for verification that’s what he meant or even better, call the Obama camp and verify it. I just went to their site and there is the entire plan. Looks the same as it did three weeks ago when I read it. I watched a clip where someone suggested something asinine and the reporter ended the piece with the words, “One last time if you want to come on from that ledge,” and she declined. That dude was just making sure he heard her right and that she didn’t say something stupid my accident.

No, sometimes people mean to say stupid things.


One thought on “All The News That’s Fixed To Print

  1. Regarding the last clip on Hayes- I love how politicians and representatives for political parties(of both sides) just figure that if you can calmly keep talking long enough to fill the sound byte and throw in enough catchphrases that sound positive, you don’t even have to answer the question you were asked- wouldn’t it be great if you could have gotten away with that in school?

    Ms. Henderson, 7th Grade teacher: David, who fought in the War of 1812?

    David: Well, first, I would just like to say that this class has just been excellent from the very beginning, and it’s only through the hard work and dedication of fine instructors like you, Ms. Henderson, that we would even get to the point where we study in such detail the real motives behind historical wars that, while I have yet to read up on personally, believe me, I can understand the great importance of and I can only hope that the fine well-read classmates in this very room will assist me on this issue, because we all need to work together as a team.

    Ms. Henderson: Ok, would anyone that actually read the chapter like to answer?

    It doesn’t fly in school, why do we let those in politics get away with it?

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