He… The People, To Form A More Perfect Government

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So I am watching some 24 hour news network this weekend and they had a piece about African-American voters supporting John McCain.  They have three men, two middle-aged men and a man in his very early twenties voting in his first election.  They all stated their reasons for voting for John McCain whether that be the economy, defense or his moral tenants.  Fine, I’m with you.  Everybody’s priorities are different.  That’s your business and you’re all grown men able to know what’s best for you.

Now I don’t think black voting against Obama is odd.  You wouldn’t judge a white person immediately as a Democrat or a Republican but it works a little different with blacks.  My friend Kendra was a coordinator for Jeb Bush and tried to sell me on his platform and I told her she should give me her boss’ number so I could call him so he knew how hard she was working trying to get black people to vote Republican… after all, I watch the Republican National Convention and there are usually more of us on the stage than there are in the audience.  Natalie and I actually made a drinking game out of it last month and took a shot every time they showed a brown person in the audience.  About thirty minutes in we ruled Bridget McCain doesn’t count or we’re gonna be immobile when the confetti drops.


One of them made an excellent point which was to vote for Barack Obama because he’s black is in contradiction to what we’ve been taught by Martin Luther King, Jr which is to judge by the content of your character, not the color of your skin (see Palin Drones, an article I wrote about same thing).  So they get to the end of the piece and they’re asked if there is any chance you’re going to get in there, close the curtain and vote for Barack Obama.  Two of them immediately said no and the final dude says, “No, and I get to vote twice this year.”

My orange soda stopped at my lips and I stopped chewing my ham sandwich.  What you talkin’ ’bout, Wllis?

“I am an Elector so I get to vote personally and for the Electoral College.  I’ll be voting for John McCain twice.”

I just about shat myself.  Did he actually say that?  I mean what he does with his own vote is his business but the elector vote… that’s the vote for the people.  What the hell is he doing?  I don’t care if he was voting for Barack Obama.  I don’t care if he was voting for a President Tom Beck / VP Dave Kovic ticket.  You could clone Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson and I would still say it was wrong.  It’s an abuse of power.  It exposes a flaw in the system and worse, sheer dismissal of the opinions of everyone in that state.

This is what’s known as a Faithless Elector and it’s illegal in 24 states (although no one has ever been charged with it).  There is a link there and it lists all the Faithless Electors and their reasons.  It’s amazing how many of the dorks can’t read a ballot and are voting for people from opposing parties.  My personal favorite is Barbara Lett-Simmons who in 2000 refused to vote in protest of Washington DC’s lack of statehood.

I didn’t vote for George W Bush in 2000 but I am a grown man, I know the rules.  When people went nuts and got angry, I never did.  I’m not a crybaby.  I have never said he wasn’t my President because I live here, he is.  It pisses me off when people try to make light of his office and that he “stole” an election because he lost the popular vote and still won the Electoral College, the third time in history that’s happened.  But I know the rules and them’s the rules.  I won’t take my ball and go home.  I’ll stay and play.  Had the reverse happened, I wouldn’t have expected Al Gore to step down from being the most powerful man on the planet.

I’m sorry, George, you first.  Clearly the people want you.  My bad.

George W Bush would have always had my respect if the first thing he did when he took office was announce that in this modern day and age these things shouldn’t happen.  That it’s a slight at the democracy we hold so dear to have a country led by someone they didn’t choose.  That the fates of three hundred million Americans are really in the hands of five hundred and thirty eight people.  And at that moment announce he was dismantling the Electoral College.

Nobody would have ever done that but it would have been nice.

Instead I get this douche on CNN who announces to the America, that no matter what you want, I’m doing what I want… fuck you.

I’m tired of people telling me what’s best for me.


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