Games People Play

I love trivia games.  My dream gig is Robert Osbourne’s job on Turner Classic Movies.  When I tell that to people and they say, “really,” I ask them to name a movie the own and give a two minute intro to LEGALLY BLOND off the top of my head.  People don’t like to play trivia games with me and in that respect I am the mythical hot girl/wallflower I always heard about who went to movies alone because she was so pretty it intimidated men.

The horror.

I once gave Scene It a try.  I game I don’t particularly like because I feel the questions are too easy.  Like those slides they used to show before the movie where you have to quickly unscramble the name of this actor: FORGAN MREEMAN.  This girl, Belen, had every edition of the game ever made and I misunderstood the rules so we lost the Music edition.  Having a better understanding of the rules, came back and won the TV edition.  By this time it was past midnight and we were all tired.  She pleaded for a tiebreaker and Kendra said, “what have you got left?  Jim’s tired.”  She pulled out the Movie edition.  Kendra agreed on the condition we go first.  Kendra instructed me not to hold back, something she’s caught me doing in the past because I want the game to be fun for everyone.  Kendra rolled the dice and I answered the first question.  This continued seven more times and I answered all the questions correctly.  The game was over in ten minutes.

The moral to the story: always bet on black.

I stumbled across this link this morning and after taking a stab at it decided there may be something truly wrong with me.  That and my ability to tell how many DVDs are in a case with my eyes closed.

I managed to get 34 out of 46.  Not too bad.


One thought on “Games People Play

  1. Holy crap! I got 36. My training is complete. I may now leave the temple, Sensei.

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