Alcoholics ASSEMBLE!

Here’s one of those marketing things that leaves me scratching my head?

This was from, an sistersite to where I like to buy all kinds of stuff from.  I am a little puzzled at who thought comic books and wine go together.  Maybe the thought was that comic book nerds need to unwind and stay a little tipsy.

I also thought of the missed opportunity here of a Tony Stark/Iron Man liqour (since he was an alcoholic and all… and you though casting Robert Downey was because of his talent).  I thought of all the other inappropriate merchandising possibilities.  Flash condoms.  Wonder Woman Midol.  Incredible Hulk stretch pants.  Black Panther orange soda.  Then again, I am also the same guy who wondered the relevance of Indiana Jones on cereal boxes since the THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL takes place in the 1950s and Harrison Ford is old enough now that he could have just asked Moses where he put the Ark Of The Covenant.  Maybe Indiana Jones didn’t belong on Frosted Flakes and maybe he should have been on Kashi Whole Grain Granola Cereal or Raisin Bran.  Pimped him out on some adult diapers.  I am sure you could work him into a Boniva commercial since Sally Field should be doing honest work.  Harrison Ford… he’s just a whore.


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