Stephanie Says… So It Shall Be Done

Natalie’s good friend Stephanie Seguin is a writer.  I envy her for that (eventhough I’ve written for local theatres, this blog and about eight screenplays including Mortal Saints that was finished a week ago).  But Stephanie has written a book.  Real writers write books.  Not comics, screenplays or novels.  Three hundred pages of actual prose that began as blank pages and become the abyss you gaze into.

Yes, blank pages.  I’m old, my original screenplays were written on a typewriter.  Leave me alone.

Anyway, Stephanie is shopping her book to agents and one of the things they are looking for is how many people read her blog.  So here I am acting as Stephanie’s pimp and from now on I will be referred to as Suga Bear and she will be known as Rockets Redglare (according to… dude, I am just kidding, there is no site there, stop that before you get in trouble at work).

So what I am asking you to do is take a few minutes between checking your MySpace and watching inspirational profiles on Olympic athletes set to John Tesh piano and check out her website:

Leave a comment.  She’ll appreciate that.


One thought on “Stephanie Says… So It Shall Be Done

  1. thanks pimp…I was going to say Suga Bear but well, I just couldn’t go there. Although when I become a hooker because my book has gone into the bargain bin, I will use the name Rockets Redglare. Writing a screenplay is a big deal! That’s great. Are you looking for places to sell it now?

    By the way, the site is….thank you so much!

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