MEMO RE: Jell-O Pudding & Gelatin Cups

TO:  Jell-O Research And Development
FROM:  James E Ford
DATE:  July 17, 2008
SUBJECT:  Desert Containers

I have been a long standing consumer of your tasty dessert products.  My only complaint is whenever I am done and put the empty container on the end table to finish watching The Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search For America’s Next Doll, the weight of the silverware, my preference being the teaspoon, tips the plastic container over.  Eventually room temperture makes the remaining chocolatly delicious residue drip out onto my somewhat stylish (yet manish) glass end tables with adorning iron-rod legs.

This is why I am asking you consider making the cups larger.  I noticed when eating a yogurt (I am sorry but you weren’t here and I am weak) the larger yogurt cups are able to stand with the silverware in the empty cup because of the increased base radius.  Also note, the spoon being used is now a tablespoon, the preferred spoon of adults and the obese in a hurry to scoop food into their always gaping maws.  I realized I only preferred the teaspoon because it could get into smaller spaces the tablespoon, given it’s obvious girth, could not.

Thank you for considering these suggestions.  If you could find a way to put the skin on the top on the pudding like my mom used to make that would also be appreciated.


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